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Barham Primary School

Striving for Excellence

Barham Primary School

Striving for Excellence



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Contact Name and Areas of Responsibility

Ms Karen Giles, Headteacher:
Overall responsibility for Safeguarding, Confidentiality & Whistle blowing, AAP
Ms Jean Joyce, Deputy Headteacher
Child Protection & Safeguarding. Designated Person for looked after children
Ms Natalie Tyndale, Trainee Headteacher:
Personal Development, Welfare, Behaviour
Mrs Denise Walley:
SRE & Drug Education           
Mrs Daksha Thanki 
Governor with specific responsibility for child protection  
Balijinder Barum, Trainee Headteacher:

Ms Tyndale, Trainee Headteacher:

E-Safety, DSL back up
Miss Tonia Stockwell:
Educational Visits
Mr Peter Haines, Facilities Manager:
Health & Safety, School Security & Risk Assessment
Mr Surjit Dhemrait:
Governor with specific responsibility for Health & Safety
Ms Louisa Anton, Welfare:
Welfare, First Aid & Medication. Meeting the needs of pupils with medical conditions. Providing first aid.
Ms Antoni, Ms Niru Patel & Ms J O'Sullivan, Mrs S Merchant, Ms M Narcisse, Mr D Mason:
First Aiders (A number of staff have Paediatric First Aid)            
Ms Tina Murray, Trainee Headteacher:
Responsibility for monitoring pupils with special needs and organising support for vulnerable children, DSL back up      
Mr Peter Haines & Mrs Kokila Jethwa:

Single Central Record and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)           
Mr Rimal Jesani & Mrs Samina Bulgin:


Child Protection

Our school wants to work with children, parents and the community to ensure the safety and protection of children and to give them the very best start in life. We aim to create an environment in our school which is safe and secure for all children. Through providing activities and opportunities in the PSHE curriculum we aim to equip our children with the skills they need to stay safe. E.g. we enable children to have the self confidence and the vocabulary to resist inappropriate approaches and encourage children to develop a sense of autonomy and independence.

We follow the guidelines laid down by the Local Safeguarding Children Board and staff receive regular training in Safeguarding.

We work with Brent’s Duty Social Work teams and if a report is to be made to the authorities, we take advice in deciding whether we should inform the child's parents at the same time.
Copies of our Safeguarding policies (including Child protection) are available by clicking here or from the main office.                    
School Security

Barham Primary School provides a secure site, which has controlled entry, but the site is only as secure as the people who use it. We ask all people visiting the site to abide by our security procedures. Gates are locked except at the start and end of each day. Doors should be closed to prevent intrusion but to facilitate smooth exits. Visitors, volunteers and parents must only enter through the main entrance and after signing in at the office window. Children will only be allowed home with adults with parental responsibility or confirmed permission.Children are not allowed to leave school alone during school hours, and if collected by an adult, they must be signed out.

We take the issue of bullying very seriously at Barham Primary School. We have an anti bullying policy which is reviewed annually. We investigate all reports of bullying from pupils, parents/carers and others and work with all the parties to talk through and resolve the situation. Bullying is defined as when a child is deliberately being made unhappy over a sustained period of time. We make anti bullying high profile through assemblies, our curriculum and our active participation in Anti bullying week every year.                   
Internet Safety

Whether on a computer or laptop at school or at home, a games console or mobile phone, children are increasingly accessing the internet, whenever they can and wherever they are. At Barham we recognise that, in
addition to the Internet being a great tool to support our children’s learning, there are a number of risks for our children when online.
At Barham we take Internet safety very seriously. All our staff and pupils are aware of their responsibilities to promote safe and secure use of the Internet and school computer equipment and to follow school
Internet safety procedures. 

All pupils cover Internet safety issues in ICT at the beginning of every school year. These issues are revisited and monitored by the class teacher on a regular basis. This includes ensuring that pupils know what to do if an Internet safety issue arises. All pupils have read and discussed with their teacher and signed an acceptable use of ICT policy. For more information about Internet safety for pupils, please visit our school website.

At Barham parents/carers are encouraged to work in partnership with us. We also provide regular parent evenings with demonstrations and suggestions for safe home Internet use are also run at the school. For more information, please speak to the school office or email

Read Barham Primary's Safeguarding and Child Protection policy.