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Barham Primary School

Embedding Excellence

Barham Primary School

Embedding Excellence


Below, on this page you can find links to all parental information that you will need to know:

Guidance from the Department for Education:
Full opening for schools

Reporting to parents

We expect all our children to make good progress and carefully track this throughout their time at Barham. Parents are invited to a curriculum meetings where expectations about standards and progress are explained. Teachers make regular assessments of children’s attainment levels and set targets for improvement. Every child is important to us and their progress is carefully monitored throughout the year before being formally reported to parents at the following times:
  • During a target-setting meeting (Autumn and springTerms)
  • During parents’ evenings (Termly)
  • In a written report to parents (Summer Term)
Assessment is carried out in order to establish what children know, understand and can do, in order that we can identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses and plan the next step of their education. Parents are always welcome to approach the class teacher to make an appointment to discuss any aspect of their child’s welfare or progress.
Children’s Progress

Your child’s progress is carefully monitored in the following ways:

A formal yearly report to parents

Regular Teacher Assessments of children’s progress and targets set for improvement. At the end of each term their progress is reviewed and the priorities set for the next term.

Termly Open Evenings are held where you can look at your child’s work and discuss their progress with the class teacher. The first of these open evenings takes the form of a parental interview where you have the opportunity to ensure that we have the most recent and relevant

Home-School Agreement

We actively encourage a working partnership between parents and school, in the belief that this leads to higher standards and to the general well being of all the children in the school.

As parents you are your child’s first and most enduring teacher. You play a crucial role in helping your child to learn. You can help more effectively if you know what the school is trying to achieve.

Parents’ Evenings and Workshops

We hold a Parents Evening/day three times a year so that you can meet your child’s class teacher to look at, and talk about your child’s work and progress. From time to time we also have ‘workshop’ evenings which focus on an area of the curriculum such as science, maths or sex/health education. You are welcome to join us for class assemblies.

Barham welcomes parents working in classrooms. Please let your child’s class teacher know if you are able to share your expertise/time in such things as telling stories, reading with children, playing games etc.