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Barham Primary School

Embedding Excellence

Barham Primary School

Embedding Excellence

Learning Resources

On this page, you will find links to different Learning Resources.


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Class Dojo



Behaviour Reward System Managed Learning Environment School Book Loan Library System

Manga High

London Grid for Learning


Maths Challenges

LGFL Learning Resources
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Maths Practice

Scratch Coding

Hour of Code

Code Org

Learn Scratch Code Learn to Code in 1 Hour Learn to Code
BBc Schools Computing

TES iBoard

Woodlands Primary Resources  
BBC Schools Computing Educational games and activities Popular Learning Resource

Useful links to teach Phonics at home


Directional Games    

Mole Maze

Beebot Emulator

Beebot on Scratch

Educational Games


Logic Games
Tower of Hanoi 1
Tower of Hanoi 2


Alien Snail Racing

Fruit Fall


Data Bank Research

Data Analysis

Parts of the Keyboard
Typing Rocket


Dance Mat Typing
Keyboard Challenge


Cup Stacking
Typing Race


Label the Keyboard

Numeric Keypad Challenge


Times Table Speed Test Challenge GCF Learn Free
Computer Basics
Does Not
Search It  Up - Online Safety
Online Safety Video & Quiz
Busy Things Login Page


Pac Man Game

Game Review


Australian Animals
Australian Animals



Chrome Music Lab


Find The Tech-nology Game


Fractions Intro
The Pizza Game
The Fractions Game

Drawing Program


Pong Game
Pong Game