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Barham Primary School

Embedding Excellence

Barham Primary School

Embedding Excellence

Home Learning Y6

Story Writing

Homework: To write an exciting story based on the pictures below. You could write a flashback story, a mystery story, an adventure story - your choice! You could even include a diary entry in your story, a letter, a mini newspaper article - mix it up and have some fun with playing around with story writing!

You should include:

-paragraphs of different lengths

-sentences of different lengths to create suspense

-exciting introduction

-setting and character descriptions

-dialogue between characters (direct and indirect speech)

-Expanded noun phrases with pre and post modification (eg: The tall trees with dark brown branches that looked like claws swayed in the wind and cut through the night sky.)

-showing changes between formal and informal

-conjunctions (but, so, because, or, yet, as, when, while, even though, although, since, despite)

-full range of punctuation (full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks, colon, semi-colon, dash, hyphen, brackets)

-adjectives, powerful verbs, adverbs, personification

-past tense, past progressive tense, past perfect tense, subjunctive form

-active/passive voice