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Barham Primary School

Embedding Excellence

Barham Primary School

Embedding Excellence


HYGC- Help your Children Group- Open Meeting 25/05/23


Attendance from Committee: Bijal T (Chairman), Mahul ( Treasurer), Kokila(Vice Chairman), Avinash (Events), Margaret (Events) & Bijal P (Secretary)

Parents:  100+

Kokila: Welcome, thanks for the coming today. It is great to announce that the first HYGC fair that was held on the 17th March was a great success! We raised £930.00 for our children on the day. Staff, parents and children all had a great time and we want to grow from that.

The next fair will be be on the Friday 7th of July from 2.00pm – 5.00pm. It has been agreed with senior management that the school will close at 2.00pm on the day. ALL CHILDREN WILL NEED TO BE COLLECTED AT 2.00 BEFORE ATTENDING THE FAIR. 

Bijal T: Specific info for the event. Stalls will be £20.00 per table, please register by 23rd of June if you would like a table selling your own goods. Food tables might be limited (e.g. not all tables selling just ice-cream) but face paints, temporary tattoos, henna will not have a limit.  If you would like to buy a table please come to the school office for more information.

We need more parent input to make the next event an even bigger success. We need parent volunteers on the school stalls or helping set up or possibly tidying away at the end, the last event was mainly run by the school staff. We are asking shops to sponsor the event or donate items. If you know anyone willing to help please let them know.

Parent: When was the committee created?  Bijal T: The meeting had a low turnout as did the meeting before this so the committee was formed with those in attendance, will check back on schools texts for dates. Positions still needs to be filled for class representatives and year leads.

**** The last public meeting was on the 30th of March, a text was sent on the 28th of March with information on setting up the committee. Message read: HYCG Coffee/Chai morning 9-10am. This Thursday 30th March. Focus will be information and plans for joining committee.

Margaret: Parents asked to get to know each other and use the public aspect of the meeting to get to know other parents from other year groups.  Parents asked to sign up to volunteer. Most parents leave, closing the meeting at 9.35.

It was discussed if we should reshuffle the committee with the parent members stepping down. The committee will stay as is until the new financial year. All positions will then be opened again for new parents to volunteer for the roles. Hopefully once the events become for frequent more volunteers will be willing. 3 new class reps have joined.

Sabina & Ayesha for 1B, Rabia for reception 1, Gulzar for 4N.


***** Information gathered after meeting closed through the text messaging system.