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Barham Primary School

Embedding Excellence

Barham Primary School

Embedding Excellence


HYCG – Open Meeting 30/04/24

Margaret- Thank you to the parents for attending. The date has been booked for the summer fair! It will be on Saturday the 13th of July. We will be celebrating the life of Karen Giles and her 20 years at Barham Primary. We welcome ideas for the day.

Bijal T  - Thank you all for coming, lots of new faces! We will aim for monthly coffee mornings again, the last 6 months have been difficult for the school and myself with outside work commitments but we will use the time at these coffee morning to make new friends, ideas for events, and things to benefit our children as is a really nice community school. We are a multi-cultural group so please feel free to approach any of us if you don’t understand and we will try our best to translate or find someone that can. Parents could you please also remind your children that they need to dismount their bikes/scooters once they reach school grounds.

We need everyone’s support for these events, we can’t keep relying on school staff. The last summer fair unfortunately had bad weather but we still managed to raise £900.00! We are hopeful for better weather on the 13th of July.

We will be holding another meeting to begin the process of forming a new committee. Please let us know if you’d like to join.

Kokila – We really need your help to tell other parents too! These meeting as are a safe space for you to talk to each other and us if you need help in other areas. Do you look at the website? (Yes) information on HYGC will be shared on the website, Class DOJO and by text messages. Thank you for attending today.

Margaret - why don’t we split into small groups to discuss ideas for the summer fair. Some of the suggestions – Hiring a line trampoline, more rides outside, disco etc.

Next open meeting: Thursday 23rd May 2024 9.00 o’clock school hall