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Barham Primary School

Striving for Excellence

Barham Primary School

Striving for Excellence


The Governing Body

The Governing Body is a group of elected and co-opted volunteers who represent the whole school community and are responsible for many aspects of leadership and management. Governors support and challenge school based leaders to ensure that every child at Barham makes excellent educational progress and continues to “Aim Higher” throughout their lives.  

Governing Bodies have a strong focus on three core strategic functions: 

a.  Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; 
b.  Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its 
     pupils and the performance management of staff; 
c.  Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent. 

A full outline of the statutory work of Governing Bodies is outlined in the latest January 2017 version of the DfES Governors’ Handbook and the January 2017 Competency Framework for Governance

From March 2013, Barham Governors  have adopted the National Governors' Association Code of Conduct which outlines the values and conduct required for this public duty.

Please note! we are currently updating our Governors Attendance record.

Some examples of governors’ duties include:

  • agreeing the aims of the school curriculum and ensuring  they are worked towards
  • agreeing the strategic aims of the School Improvement Plan and evaluating  regular updates on progress.
  • appointing  and performance managing the Headteacher
  • Keeping the performance management targets of all teaching staff under review
  • setting targets for pupils’ performance and submitting results to the Local Authority (LA).
  • agreeing how the delegated school’s budget is to be used each year
  • deciding, in consultation, how sex education and religious education should be taught in the school
  • appointing panels to deal with official complaints and exclusions
  • deciding what charges should be made for activities outside school hours
  • ensuring the school complies with the equality duties set out in Government legislation
  • ensuring that the school is compliant with all the Statutory Duties required by the Department for Education.

The Headteacher, the Bursar and other senior staff formally report to the full Governing Body each term and there are a range of processes for consulting on issues throughout the year. 

You can contact the Governing Body by writing to the Chair of Governors, Ms Daksha Thanki, via the school office.  Governors very much welcome thoughts, ideas and issues that the school community would like to discuss and thank parents for their valuable contributions to Annual Questionnaires and Parent View.

How to become a Governor
Information about how to become a Governor can be found in this useful How to become a Governor guide and on the Brent website.

Here is our Governor attendance record for 2017.

Current List of Governors 2018
(Please note! we are currently updating our list of Governors)

Chair of Governors:
Mrs Daksha Thanki
Vice Chair of Governors:
Mr Angus Hislop

Ms Karen Giles.

Parent Governors:
Mrs Anjni Dangi,  Manish Parmar, Vijesh Parmar. 

Local Authority Representative:
Mr Paul Lorber.
Staff Governor:
Ms Shanta Ranavaya Sharma

Co-opted Governors:
Mr Amit Hathi, Mr Angus Hislop, Mr Vikash Ramgoolam, Ms Elaine Webb, Ms Paulette Williamson and Mr Binod Singh